Training and Development


The talent of our collaborators and their performance in carrying out their activities is strengthened through the development of abilities, knowledge and skills that are fostered through training enabling our team to perform optimally.

We provide courses, diploma courses and programs aimed at all collaborators at Genomma Lab, focused on their specific activity and level. During the year 2016, 5,473 hours of training were given, that is 39.44% more hours than in 2015. 688 employees were trained, of which 552 belonged to Mexico and the rest to other countries.

Hours of training 2016, broken down by country

Regarding the total number of hours given by hierarchical level, 67% corresponded to high levels categorized into Vice-Presidency, Direction, Deputy Direction and Management, while 33% corresponded to the levels of Coordination, Specialist, Analyst and Auxiliary.

In addition, all the collaborators have the opportunity to participate in training and cultural exchanges when visiting other countries where we have a presence, which enriches their cultural and professional knowledge.

Training needs vary from one contributor to another, therefore we perform assessments to determine the allocation of courses, diploma courses and postgraduate courses according to their different business areas. In countries like Colombia, financial support was provided to employees to attend seminars, courses, professional training and graduate programs; in order for them to have updated information and the best knowledge regarding their field of work.

Training in health and safety at work has also been provided to promote a culture of self-care, thus enabling them to acquire safe routines while doing their work.

In Chile, our employees attended external diploma courses with a duration of 6 months to one year, as well as internal programs developed by the company. The topics in which they were trained are: logistics, negotiation, teamwork, product knowledge and legislation.

In Brazil, technical issues addressed in training are: products, regulatory affairs and tax updates, the same as in Ecuador. For new employees in Brazil, there is a program of integration and coaching by their direct boss.

In Mexico, some of the training programs focus on regulatory, safety and hygiene issues. Our collaborators also receive technical training in data processing programs and specialized finance and purchasing software. Likewise, they are trained in effective communication skills and teamwork.

Genomma Lab Internacional’s training programs offer short- and long-term benefits, as our employees are prepared for the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis, but at the same time they gain expertise for their future professional life; thus contributing to the empowerment of our employees. An example of specialized training within Genomma Lab Internacional is the one carried out at the Distribution Centers (CEDIS).

Model Parvada: specialized training in CEDIS

In 2016, we prioritized time efficiency and reduction or elimination of losses, which prompted us to carry out mappings of constant processes, looking for continuous improvement to establish action plans in productivity, quality, service and safety, driving us to improve the staff’s productivity.

For this, we implemented a comprehensive training program that we named “Model Parvada” in which the employees are trained in several of the functions performed at the CEDIS, so that all the staff has the skills and knowledge to participate in all the stages of the different processes that are carried out there. This program was very motivating since we managed to increase the productivity of our employees by about 60% compared to 2015; by empowering them technically and strategically, we optimized the times and resources assigned to each activity.

Within the “Model Parvada” program we have a monthly performance evaluation system in which we evaluate our employees in terms of quality, productivity, service and (moral) safety. We classify the results obtained, and the best evaluated employees are invited to an event in which they are recognized and rewarded. This has led to a healthy competition and a solid growth of our workforce.

As a result of the increase in efficiency, the reduction of the workforce at the CEDIS was 36%, combined with the reduction and use of physical spaces. However, the employees have taken these changes with a positive attitude, since their economic perceptions have improved and their leisure time has increased, thus raising their family quality of life.

Program "Finish your high school"

With the aim of promoting the academic and professional development of our talent, we offer more and better education initiatives such as “FINISH YOUR HIGH SCHOOL” with the participation of 55 employees of the Distribution Center. They were offered lessons within the facilities, with specialized teachers in different subjects. Students were prepared to take the CENEVAL examination and obtain their high school certificates. Of the total number of participants, 60% received their high school degree in 2016 and the remaining 40% will submit their examination in 2017.

“Generators of ideas”

During 2016 we continued working with the “Generators of Ideas” program which started in 2015. As a result of this program, an innovative case stands out, which arose from the breaking down of a pallets’ turner and resulted in significant money savings. That is, with a proactive attitude of innovation, the CEDIS employees created and built a turner made by themselves at a cost well below the market.

This represents a tangible demonstration of Genomma Lab Internacional’s interest in the growth and training of its employees and their empowerment by supporting them in the materialization of their ideas.

In addition to the above programs, several trainings took place regarding good storage practice, documentation management, handling of forklifts and electric skates, among others.

The CEDIS programs have generated real satisfaction for our employees, which is reflected in a 50% decrease of absenteeism in 2016 compared to 2015.

The development and quality of life of the employees is a priority for Genomma Lab Internacional, this is the reason why we are carrying out initiatives and programs that have a positive impact.

As we have done in recent years, we endorse our public commitment to corporate sustainability through an annual review of our socially responsible management in the areas of quality of life in the company, link with the community, business ethics and care and preservation of the environment. As a result, we receive for the tenth consecutive year the Acknowledgment of Socially Responsible Company.

Our sense of responsibility towards the well-being of our human capital is supported by the Life Balance Policy, which sets out the guidelines for reconciling work life with the family and personal life of our employees, promoting their performance in an environment of well-being and productivity within a climate of trust, credibility and respect.

At Genomma Lab Internacional we seek through our programs of social responsibility and human capital development, to improve the environment in which our employees thrive. That is why, in the year 2015, we were honored the Award Family-Responsible Company, granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS, for its acronym in Spanish) with a validity of two years, which will be endorsed during 2017.

“A Family-Responsible Company is one that proves to be a promoter of good labor practices in the areas of gender equity, the prevention and combating of workplace violence and sexual harassment, as well as actions and policies to help workers meet their family responsibilities.”

Within our workforce we have employees with a professional career, who are also mothers and with whom we have a very important commitment. For this reason, we offer several benefits for them, including compressed working weeks, flextime, telework, agreed working hours and maternity leave, according to the labor regulations of each country.

We also grant maternity and paternity leave to all our employees, in which women and men are entitled to request a leave for the days established by law, depending on the country where they are. During 2016, 13 female employees and five men employees requested a maternity or paternity leave, returning to the company without any inconvenience, which represented a 100% reincorporation and retention during 2016.
8 Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social,


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional