Talent Management: Global Competencies Genomma Lab

 (G4-HR2, G4-LA9, G4-LA10, G4-LA11)

During the year 2016 we followed the mechanisms of talent management that we started in 2015. Our performance culture has favored the development of our human capital, encouraging them, motivating them and supporting them in their personal and career plans to establish professional goals to grow within the Company. The strategy we set for their development is based on global competencies that seek to enhance the talent of our collaborators, aligned with the objectives of Genomma Lab Internacional.

The mechanisms implemented for the retention of talent motivate us to continue driving these initiatives, since for the second consecutive year the special award CEO AWARDS 2016 was granted, whose objective is to reward those collaborators who stood out for making extraordinary contributions in their daily work, in line with the Global Competencies of Genomma Lab Internacional[7].

[7] http://blog.genommalab-esr.com

Global Competencies of Genomma Lab Internacional


competencies that impel the employee to:
- Envision: recognize the opportunities that arise.
- Engage: achieve the commitment of others.
- Energize: motivate their peers.
- Empower: do the possible and remove obstacles.
- Execute: develop and establish plans for achieving the strategy.

Strategic thinking

Ability to integrate knowledge by designing management strategies focused and prioritized, for the short, medium and long term, along with action plans that reflect their implementation.

Adaptation to change

Ability to adapt to different situations quickly and flexibly. It refers to the ability to respond and be versatile in a changing business environment.


Competence to collaborate, be inclusive, create partnerships, build working networks, respect others, create synergies, share information and work as a team.

Effective communication

Ability to communicate orally and in writing, in a clear and concise manner.

Capacity building

Sustained focus on the development of processes, systems and structures that will last even when the individual changes positions.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional