Pillar of culture

At Genomma Lab we develop programs for our employees focused on strengthening the working culture, developing their talents and directing them to the achievement of our objectives. As a result, they participate in a series of programs and events aimed at strengthening their quality of life on a personal and family level.

During the year 2016, we followed up on the social programs undertaken previously, so that several events were held with great success, among which “Rola tu libro 2016” [Pass your book around] stood out.

This program was carried out for the fourth consecutive year in partnership with the Council of Communication, which encourages the habit of reading in our employees and their families. During these years we have accumulated a total of 39,317 reading hours with the participation of more than 200 employees.

Program of Academic Excellence

According to the plan defined by the Committee on Culture, the Academic Excellence Program was developed in Mexico with the objective of recognizing, for its academic performance, the children of our employees, who are students of primary and secondary school who have an annual school average of over nine.

We had the registration of 38 children, who were invited to a famous amusement park (Kidzania), to enjoy the attractions, receive a diploma from our VP of Commercial Operations and the Country Manager of Mexico, as a special recognition for their effort and dedication to their studies, 13 economic scholarships and an honorary mention were award to those who obtained grades with an average between 9.7 and 9.9, in order to support their studies. Later, the children were transported to our corporate facilities, where they were given a tour with an excellent reception from all areas.

This group of distinguished students was received by Rodrigo Herrera Aspra, Chairman of the Board of Genomma Lab Internacional, who had a pleasant talk with them giving motivating speech advising them to continue with their preparation to become great professionals.

Congratulations to all of them and their parents who made this great achievement possible.

Celebration of the Day of the Dead

Due to the importance of the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico, in the month of November, activities were organized for the employees to reinforce the teams’ integration.

The Corporate office launched a “literary skulls” contest, to receive verses and prose written individually or as a team, addressing the issue of death differently and featuring their peers and areas of the company. 23 papers were published and the best of them were awarded.

In addition to this, at the Distribution Center (CEDIS), the traditional “Contest of Offerings (or altars)” took place, in which the employees and their relatives participate. In this activity there were also winners and with that, Mexican traditions were preserved and coordination and teamwork strengthened.

CEDIS Festivities

In the same way, at the Distribution Center, the traditional year’s end celebration was organized, in which employees and their families have the opportunity to spend time together and celebrate their achievements of the year that ends. During the celebration, there is a Mass to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the “traditional Christmas Posada” and the “Piñatas Contest”. On this occasion, an acknowledgment was also given to the co-workers, who obtained their high-school certificate through the certification program promoted by Genomma Lab Internacional, to whom we reiterate our congratulations.

Cheer up a Heart

As every year, Genomma Lab Internacional volunteers took up their annual collection of new toys through the “Cheer up a Heart” campaign to celebrate Three Kings Day. On this occasion it was decided to celebrate the children of the CEDIS employees, giving them a total of 438 gifts collected and a visit of the Magi.

The campaign was a great success, exceeding the amount of toys collected last year and achieving the goal of making an unforgettable day for children.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional