Integration of our workforce

The workforce of Genomma Lab Internacional is integrated by 828 employees who make up our global talent, which brings experience, knowledge, skills, challenges and innovation proposals into a work community distinguished by its diversity and equity, in which we promote strategic thinking, leadership and teamwork.

TOTAL: 828

* Central America includes the following countries: Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

In 2016, there was a slight reduction of staff compared to 2015, as a results of the Company’s strategic approach to efficiency, with which we seek high quality, commitment and efficiency to meet the company’s objectives, optimizing the necessary activities and resources.

Our commitment as a Socially Responsible Company is to create working relationships with our employees based on their performance and the conditions of our operations. For this reason we prepare working contracts for an indefinite duration or for a specific period of time. During 2016, 98% of our employees had contracts of indefinite duration and the remaining 2% were hired for a certain period of time.

This year, 99.64% of all our employees worked full time, while 0.36% did so partially.

From our total employees, per hierarchy 81% is distributed occupying positions at the level of Coordination, Specialist, Analyst and Auxiliary, and 19% of the employees hold positions of Vice-Presidency, Direction, Deputy Direction and Management. In the case of Argentina, 60% of the staff in management positions are women.

Regarding the provenance of top managers, in Argentina 100% come from the local community, in Colombia 82%, in Brazil 66.7%, in Central America 70% come from this region and in Chile 20% of senior managers come from their country.

We continuously reinforce the mechanisms of talent attraction and retention, as well as the development of our people over time to reinforce their permanence. The factor that determines our hiring is always focused on talent, without making distinctions by gender or age.

With respect to new hires in 2016, 58% of them were concentrated in people between 30 and 50 years, followed by 37% of under 30 years and 5% of people older than 50 years. On the other hand, the staff recruited corresponds to 56% male employees and 44% to female staff.

Turnover rate

This year we were able to reduce the global turnover rate by more than 35%, from 68.52% in 2015 to a turnover rate of 33.29% in 2016. The turnover rate in Mexico was 37%, while the turnover rate in the rest of the countries was 21%.

Of the total workforce, 276 people left the organization, of which 61.59% were men and 38.41% were women. Also, the highest turnover percentage, according to age, occurred in the group of people between 30 and 50 years of age.

It is inevitable that there are decisive moments in which important changes take place that could impact our collaborators, so they are notified when these happen. In these situations, we perceive any organizational change, as a challenge that commits us to improve and update our performance in the management of talent retention.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional