Human capital policies

The constant revision, updating, modification and renewal of policies has helped us to strengthen the processes of recruitment, training, development and retention of talent, promoting continuous improvement in the management of our human capital.

  • Policy for training, development and performance management: commitment to foster professional development based on knowledge, skills, experience and career path.
  • Policy for talent attraction: commitment to allow access to employment respecting human dignity, human rights and determining our inalienable obligations, complying with the legal and social security framework.
  • Policy for compensation and benefits: commitment to guarantee benefits, agreements and additional compensations to those required by law, to enable our employee to enjoy a better quality of personal and family life.
  • Policy for apprentices and trainees: commitment to promote the recruitment and development of the best talent, focused on the interaction between the company and the participant to achieve objectives in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable manner.
  • Policy for job severance: commitment to give the corresponding and additional bonuses to the employee who is being separated from the company.


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