Employee benefits


An added value to the training as part of talent management within the Company, are the benefits we give our employees for their personal well-being. At Genomma Lab Internacional we offer benefits superior to those required by law, granting competitive salaries accompanied by compensation where we consider gender equity and non-discrimination, all this in order to support our employees to achieve their business, personal and professional goals.

The Company offers additional benefits such as medical service, canteen service, transportation allowance, educational supports, daycare and parking, among others; which may vary between countries and job levels. Likewise, we grant corporate bonuses following the internal policies of Genomma Lab Internacional according to results obtained.

In the same way that we seek benefits that add value to our employees within the company, we do support their personal economy by providing discounts with external suppliers such as restaurants, clothing stores and entertainment centers, seeking to raise their quality of life outside the company.

At Genomma Lab Internacional we fulfill our social employer-employee obligations within the benefit plan, which vary between countries according to local regulations; however, the Christmas bonus, vacations, fund savings for retirement and vacation bonus are benefits that all our employees receive.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional