Diversity, inclusion and gender equity

At Genomma Lab Internacional we have undertaken the task of forming a team of collaborators distinguished by their diversity and equity, where different tastes and preferences are respected, discrimination in all its forms is avoided, it seeks to ensure that equal rights and opportunities are given to all collaborators and applicants aspiring to be part of our talent team.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics is the tool that establishes the guidelines and norms that regulate the behaviors of people within the company. Based on the Code, our Mission, Vision and Values lead us in the fulfillment of our objectives, contributing to the generation of a healthy and friendly work environment.

During 2016, we continue the process of internal awareness that promotes social equity to avoid workplace violence, discrimination and harassment in any of its forms, using the different media we have both internal and external.

We are constantly searching for tools and updating them that help us ensure equal access to opportunities within the Company. The policies, regulations and codes we have today help us to apply these principles in the recruitment, selection, evaluation and development of human capital.

In relation to our commitment to gender equity, the number of men and women who made up the workforce in 2016 was comprised of 41% men and 59% women, a percentage that has remained from 2015.

Regarding the distribution of the workforce by age, most of our employees are in the range of 30 to 50 years, representing 66.43% of the total workforce, followed by those under 30 years of age with 28 % and 6% corresponds to those over 50 years.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional