Knowledge and satisfaction of our consumers

This year we achieved greater investment efficiency with more assertive results. With the permanent challenge of maximizing our Return of Investment (ROI), optimizing times and streamlining the budget, we achieved the objectives set out in 2015, evolving at the same speed of the industry in which we operate and executing memorable campaigns with which the consumers feel identified.

We have used and gained greater advantage of the existing market research methodologies to understand our consumers and to establish closer and stronger relations with them towards our brands, where the consumption of our products generates recommendation and future brand loyalty.

During 2016 we expanded our understanding of what our consumers are looking for to meet their personal care needs or to improve their health conditions. We also increased our understanding of what the shopping experience means for the shopper, from the moment they enter the store until they are in front of our product. Similarly, we consolidated the way to attract consumers to our brands and products by creating a link with high levels of satisfaction; achieving a transformation of their yearnings, aspirations and feelings into emotional relationships with a high level of loyalty to our brands.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional