Co-processing of waste

Urban solid waste can be used as alternative fuel in high temperature furnaces, such as those used in the cement industry. It is a safe and viable alternative that is becoming increasingly important in Mexico and that many companies are beginning to adopt because of the benefits it generates for them and their stakeholders.

In our operation we identified an area of opportunity given that the products that are sent to shredding were not used in any way. It was then that through a company with global presence in 60 countries, we identified the solution of sending this waste to a process of energy generation alternative to fossil fuels.

Throughout 2016, this treatment was given to all the waste sent for shredding. After analyzing their physico-chemical characteristics (calorific value, humidity and percentage of biomass), these were formulated and sent to a high temperature furnace as alternative fuel. The gases emitted during combustion are constantly controlled and monitored by our supplier through sensors, which indicate that the emissions are kept below the levels established by SEMARNAT. The process followed is shown below:

This is an example of shared value in our supply chain, where by the adequate utilization of waste reduces the contribution to climate change and generates a benefit for both parties, in a safe manner and preserving the environment.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional