Supporting groups in vulnerable social conditions

At Genomma Lab Internacional we are committed to equity and inclusion, fostering a culture of support for people with disabilities or special conditions.

The Acknowledgment Inclusive Company that we obtained in December 2014 and which has a validity until 2017, recognizes us as a company committed to good work practices towards groups in a situation of vulnerability. We maintain our equity model based on policies and practices so that our internal processes operate under the conditions of equality and equity necessary for men and women to fully develop their potential.

Our commitment is supported, among other aspects, by the Policy of Integral Diversity, which aims to promote practices for a healthy, safe, non-violent, non-discriminatory and inclusive work environment that allows full development of people with real equality of opportunities between women and men and full respect for human rights within the organization and the different stakeholders. Through this policy we commit ourselves to:

  1. Promote the rights of equality and non-discrimination of people.
  2. Promote gender equality.
  3. Promote and respect diversity and inclusion of people.
  4. Promote access to employment to people in situations of vulnerability.
  5. To grant a correct, respectful and dignified treatment, protecting the physical and moral integrity of people.
  6. Ensure respect for human rights.
  7. Lead with righteousness in all areas of the business.
  8. Promote the integration of all people.
  9. Promote an optimal and accessible work environment complying with the requirements of ergonomics that Civil Protection indicates.
  10. Ensure the maintenance of an optimal working environment by preventing and addressing any possible occurrence of inappropriate behavior.
  11. Provide an environment of freedom of expression of comments or suggestions.
  12. Foster a culture of health, self-care, nutrition, physical activity and safety and hygiene at work.
  13. Use of inclusive and accessible language in order to avoid reproducing discriminatory and exclusionary situations.
  14. Raise awareness in people on issues of equality, human rights, gender mainstreaming and prevention of workplace violence, harassment and bullying, labor inclusion and diversity.

We are also working together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to obtain in a future the certification in the Mexican Standard on Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination NMX-R-025 – SCFI-2015.

We remain committed to our community, to provide a healthy, safe and respectful work environment that promotes gender equity, diversity, professional development and quality of life, where inclusion is a fundamental part of the respect for Human Rights.

Community QG5

(G4-EC8, G4-EN11)

The guava leaf is the raw material from which Quercetin, active ingredient in our QG5 drug, is obtained, it is used for the treatment of colitis. The positive impact provided by the manufacturing of guava leaf is the result of a community business model that has its origins in 2007, which was created in response to an initiative by the Government of Veracruz that has the purpose to diversify crops in municipalities with a high degree of marginalization in the region of Totonacapan.

The productive business model benefits the totonacan farmers of the municipalities of Zozocolco of Hidalgo, being the exclusive suppliers of guava leaf. Creole guava tree plantations are based on agro-ecological production processes, totonacan harvesters have sustainable practices that prevent the application of agrochemicals and foster the protection of biodiversity in their environment. Also the guava leaf selling is based on practices of fair trade that benefit the communities.

Through market opportunities, strengthening self-management and development of productive capacities, we contribute to the improvement of the economic and living conditions of the inhabitants of the region, through the agreement made between Genomma Lab Internacional and the University of Veracruz, with the intervention of Diversificadora Agroindustrial y Comercializadora del Trópico S.A. de C.V. “DYCTRO.S.A.”. Since 2010 until today, 58 tons of guava leaf have been produced to manufacture QG5.

Volunteering: Cheer up a Heart

As every year, the team of volunteers integrated by our employees carried out their annual collection of new toys through the “Cheer up a Heart” campaign to celebrate the Three Kings Day. On this occasion it was decided to celebrate the children of the CEDIS employees, giving them a total of 438 gifts collected and a visit of the Magi.

The campaign was a great success, exceeding the amount of toys collected last year and achieving the goal of making an unforgettable day for children.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional