Privacy policy with suppliers of efficacy and safety cosmetics’ studies

The suppliers that perform cosmetic efficacy and safety studies for us are world-class companies located in several countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. They are committed to providing highly specialized laboratory services for the cosmetics industry and trade. They operate with methodologies, procedures, equipment and personnel of high level subject to quality standards and in compliance with the regulations of local and international regulatory entities such as ANVISA, INVIMA, ANMAT, COLIPA, FDA and COFEPRIS.

Our suppliers also have a quality system in compliance with the standard NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2006 (ISO / IEC 17025) which outlines the general requirements for the competence of the testing and calibration laboratories. They are approved as Third Party Testing Laboratory Authorized by the Ministry of Health for the case of Mexico, so important companies in the commercial, industrial and service sectors recognize them as a reliable supplier.

Our suppliers have a Code of Ethics which goal is to provide assurances of moral solvency and establishing standards of professional performance of the company and its members, seeking to comply with the society, serving it with loyalty, diligence and respect.

Likewise, our suppliers have also issued a Declaration of Independence of Technical Judgment to provide guarantees of judgment and establish professional performance standards of the company, respecting their customers’ information and decision-making.

Our suppliers perform their operations based on privacy and quality policies characterized by the following commitments.

Privacy Policy

  • Protecting confidential customer information and proprietary rights thereof, including those stored and transmitted electronically.
  • Treatment of personal, commercial and tax data requested to any person, either in person, by email or web site, in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data held by individuals and its regulations.
  • Access to data only to adequately provide the services for which it is hired.
  • Avoid transfer of personal, commercial, and fiscal data to third parties.
  • Communication of the purposes for which the data are collected, which are:

    • Provision of required products and services.
    • Information about changes to products or services.
    • Information about changes in providing the required service.
    • Management of collection or payment.
    • Communication, promotion or dissemination of products and services.
    • Compliance with the obligations arising from the commercial and legal relationship.

Studies made by our suppliers are carried out in accordance with good clinical practices (ICH), in addition to an instrument called informed consent from the volunteers who participate in them. As part of the requirements specified by the Ethics Committee, our supplier will clearly inform to the volunteer, the purpose of his/her participation and what it is expected of him/her. At all times our suppliers guarantee independence and technical judgment to the volunteers.

The teamwork we have achieved with our suppliers, manufacturers and customers is aimed at seeking high quality standards and excellence in our products and processes.

El trabajo en equipo que hemos logrado con nuestros proveedores, fabricantes y clientes va encaminado a buscar estándares de alta calidad y excelencia en nuestros productos y procesos.


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