Digital Marketing

The digital area is committed to the transmission of information with a high degree of responsibility towards the consumer with the purpose of promoting their health and well-being. It is for this reason that it manages Genomma Lab’s official websites, social networks and other digital channels, seeking the continuous reinforcement of our brands in the consumer’s mind and following up on the doubts and feedback they express.

Likewise, the digital area responds in a timely manner questions about points of sale or channels the questions that are not of its scope to the customer service area; where they are given answers to their questions in consultation with the corresponding areas. This way of working represents the creation and strengthening of our business identity in virtual platforms and is an essential part of our Company’s success.

Among many others, digital communication strategies have allowed our products to capture the attention of our current and potential consumers, in whom we focus our content, among which the following stand out:

#AhoraEsCuando das tu mejor cara al mundo [It is now when you show your best face to the world]

This year our Asepxia brand messages focused on highlighting the importance for teenagers’ of living the best stage of their lives, being driven by the values of friendship, trust and self-confidence, while addressing their concerns about their physical appearance through consistently good skin care habits with Asepxia products.

Asepxia has a presence in various media to be in the minds of the consumers, achieving a rapprochement and understanding of the sensitive issues faced by young people, such as bullying, rejection and low self-esteem.


The Suerox brand was positioned this year as a renewed product with the best formula on the market. Suerox now has a unique formulation that allows the recovery of lost electrolytes and vitamin C during the day.

The solid communication strategy carried out is strengthen by the attributes of this new formula and it counteracts the negative effects of dehydration caused by high temperatures, excessive physical activity and gastrointestinal diseases, among others.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional