Customer service

The focus of the customer service area goes beyond answering calls, questions and complaints or following up on requests for product reimbursement, change or replacement.

Today Oy Howe have innovative achievements in the consumer attention process, responding in a timely manner to their complaints and nonconformities, providing attention and adequate solution to their requirements. This process is part of the database of our call center system and our internal management system Genovigilance, through which 15,451 calls were received, serviced, monitored and completed globally.

Following, a general description of the customer service process.

Consumer care process

The country with the highest number of calls was Mexico with 52.63% of the total calls, followed by Brazil with 13.78% and the United States with 13.25%.

The highest recorded percentage of calls (59.08%) corresponded to solving doubts. While the reason “others” accounted for 35.91% of the calls. This category groups a large number of missed calls or wrong number calls.

Since 2015 and during 2016, other communication channels have been strengthened to achieve greater proximity to our consumers. We continue following the path of digitization with greater force, through web pages, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and customer service emails, where we carry out online research that has become a key source of information about market and consumers.

A major challenge for 2017 is to pay the same attention to both our customers and our consumers; improving, enriching and expanding our process of attention and continuous improvement in the interactions and relationships we establish with them.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional