Advertising and labeling of products


The information that Genomma Lab Internacional provides through websites, social networks, traditional media and advertising spots, among others, seeks to give advice on the use and benefits of all our products in a responsible manner, in order to convey to the public the importance of the personal and family care, as well as of the environment that surrounds them through the consumption of our products. Close monitoring and updating of our advertising allows us better control the communication strategies.

Likewise, Genomma Lab Internacional is committed to the transmission of accurate, reliable and real information in the labeling of our products, through rigorous guidelines on:

  • Origin of the product.
  • Safe way to use the product.
  • Best way of disposal.
  • Substances that may have a negative social or environmental impact.

In view of the above, we refer to the standard NOM-141-SSA1 / SCFI-2012, regarding the labeling for prepackaged cosmetics, health and commercial labeling and the applicable additional regulations, as well as the regulations that apply in each country where we are present.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional