Quality Management System (QMS)

The design, implementation, documentation and evaluation of the Genomma Lab Internacional QMS has the purpose of establishing the necessary elements to support the quality of our products and to ensure the following aspects.

  • Ensure that all our products are manufactured based on Good Manufacturing Practices requirements and standards.
  • Establish defined responsibilities for meeting objectives.
  • Ensure that our products can be marketed having fulfilled all the applicable regulatory requirements and quality standards.
  • Ensure the safety and quality of products throughout the value chain, mitigating and eliminating operational risks.
  • Establish a documentary control that allows us to determine the activities to be carried out, to ensure their timely implementation and to demonstrate what has been achieved.

In order to achieve the application of an appropriate SGC, we have undertaken the task of determining the needs and expectations of clients and other stakeholders, establishing a policy and quality objectives, in addition to the following elements.

  • Identify the processes required for the QMS and their application, sequence and interaction.
  • Establish methods and criteria for the effective operation and control of these processes.
  • Determine means to prevent nonconformities and eliminate their causes.
  • Carry out measurements and follow-ups in such a way that allows us to carry out the necessary actions to achieve the planned results and continuous improvement of the system.

Quality policy

“Genomma Lab Internacional is a Mexican company dedicated to the innovation, development, manufacture, storage, distribution and marketing of medicines, personal care products, and others; committed to the satisfaction of our customers and consumers through safe and efficacious formulas with the highest Quality of the market; complying with applicable legal requirements and regulations. We work in teams committed to innovation, achievement of objectives and results, focused on continuous improvement of the efficiency of our processes of the Quality Management System”.

The reception, storage and distribution of the products manufactured for Genomma Lab Internacional is carried out in strict adherence to the applicable regulations and in compliance with Good Storage Practices. These different processes are detailed in procedures, where they are described and related to other documents or procedures, thus ensuring the interaction between all of them.

Quality processes developed at Genomma Lab Internacional

The commitment we have to offer products of recognized attributes has led us to strengthen the workforce of the Quality area, currently made up of 50 people strategically located in all the countries in which we are present. The whole team works with reference standards based on four important aspects: quality control and regulatory compliance, quality assurance, manufacturing supervision and customer service.

Our future goals are based on ensuring quality in synergy with all our manufacturers through the standardization of processes, creating quality agreements and closing agreements that commit both parties to comply with this process.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional