Generation Of Social Value

Generation of Social Value

(G4-DMA, G4-EC7, G4-EC8, G4-EC9, G4-SO1)

Our values and corporate objectives are the basis of our vision regarding the sustainability of the organization, which serve as guidelines for the actions we undertake to contribute to the communities of Mexico and the countries where we operate. Therefore, we consider at all times the importance of strengthening our capabilities through the generation of strategies, exchanges of benefits and the launch of social projects that promote social good, through partnerships that allow us to achieve shared growth.

We have different courses of action in order to contribute to the communities that are directly or indirectly impacted by our operations. Among them, we support through donations and volunteer activities the associations and initiatives that have as their ultimate aim to provide a social benefit to the communities where we operate.

We also consider in our strategy of social responsibility that those groups that are part of our supply chain, are a strategic point for the growing impact we have on communities where our suppliers operate.

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