Workforce Of Genomma Lab Internacional

Generation of value in our workforce

(G4-LA1, G4-10, G4-LA4, G4-EC6, G4-DMA)

Our workforce is comprised of employees who thrive in an environment of constant innovation, personal growth and professional development with future-oriented vision, who focus their performance in generating value for the company and our stakeholders.

Throughout the year 2015 we transformed our steering group headed by our CEO Maximum Juda. One of the most important changes was the incorporation of Mr. Antonio Zamora Galland as Executive Vice President, Director of Administration and Finance, who has a proven professional career in public and private enterprises in Mexico, Europe and Latin America. His experience and leadership in business transformation processes are aligned with our strategy and sustainable high growth in a changing market environment with many opportunities.

In addition, senior executives occupy management positions in the departments of Marketing and Development, Information Technology, Regulatory Affairs, Human Capital, Quality and Image, Supply Chain and Packaging. A constant in all directors is the purpose of infusing our strategic imperative in the human capital of Genomma Lab Internacional that is the sustainability of our long-term business model, together with the permanent practice of boosting the global competencies of the company.

Our strength lies in the performance that each business area provides by itself and in the sum of efforts of all areas working in synergy, leveraging the cognitive, practical and geographical advantages that characterize each one. Through the area of Human Capital, our focus is on the person and the professional commitment to develop their activities; to fulfill their goals, reaching the company’s objectives and interacting effectively with their environment, family, colleagues and customers.