Use of materials and waste

(G4-EN1 y G4-EN2, G4-EN23 al G4-EN26)

Waste management

At Genomma Lab Internacional, we focus an important part of our efforts on the correct management of waste, not only because it is stated in our environmental policy, but also because it is one of the most direct ways of protecting the environment. We implement corporate awareness campaigns based on the 3Rs (reduce, recycle and reuse), as well as specific measures to reduce the use of paper.

Most of the waste we generate comes from the CEDIS and it is finished products that did not meet the minimum quality requirements, or were returned due to their expiration date. After an assessment, they can either be sent to destruction or recycling through a third party. In 2016, 52.51 tons of waste were sent to destruction, while 97.41 tons were shipped to recycling, consisting mainly of plastic and cardboard. In addition, 100% of the paper used in our offices was recycled. On the other hand, 624 m3 of waste were sent to final disposal.

In our supply chain there is also an environmental commitment from our label supplier, who demonstrates responsible management of their non-hazardous waste (cardboard, plastic and polyethylene), as it is reused by a third party.


At Genomma Lab we quantify the materials we use throughout our value chain. Some polymers such as stretch film, transparent tape and polyolefins are used throughout the customer delivery process to protect products from potential damages. On the other hand, sheets of cardboard and pallets are used for the separation and transport of products within CEDIS, as well as paper for various uses within offices. In our offices we managed to reduce the use of 50,000 sheets compared to the previous year, representing a reduction of 4% in paper consumption.

As a result of a greater rationalization of the materials used in CEDIS, this year we reduced the amount used by an average of 18% over the previous year. The use of materials with the highest reduction were the blue insulation tape, the strech film and the cardboard corner.

Reduction of raw materials

The environmental efforts we carry out together with our suppliers, are focused on the reduction of raw materials’ consumption for “core” products. Such is the case of a 15% decrease in the cardboard used for QG5 achieved by reducing the size of the secondary packaging. Likewise, in Devlyn Manzanilla the consumption of polyethylene in the primary packaging was reduced by 10% and the label was modified by reducing the heat shrinkable material, which made the manufacturing process more efficient.

Biodegradable labels

We work with a Mexican company specialized in the manufacture and development of labels through flexographic printing processes. They have a highly experienced team whose objective is to deliver quality labels and printing alternatives for related products and services.

For our product labels, this supplier uses inks formulated without toxic heavy materials, which can be reused. The paper used comes from suppliers with FSC chain of custody (responsibly managed and reforested woodlands).

The environmental commitment of our supplier is also reflected in the responsible management of its non-hazardous waste (cardboard, plastic and polyethylene), since they are reused by a third party; and in the case of waste that cannot be reused, it is delivered to companies specialized in the management, control and recycling of hazardous or non-biodegradable waste authorized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Our supplier is also certified by the ISO 900:2008 Quality Management Standard and it is in the process for the ISO 900:2015 certification

The relationship with Genomma Lab Internacional is based on the supply of self-adhesive labels for products such as Teatrical, QG5, Fermodyl and Sistema GB among others.


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