Report to the Board of Directors

The General Manager submits to the Board of Directors the quarterly (or annual, if applicable) results relating to future economic, environmental and social operations, strategies and plans, taking into account the recommendations and suggestions of the Presidents of each of the committees. The committees receive feedback from the Steering Group to inform the Board of Directors of the issues to be addressed. The Board of Directors analyzes, evaluates and makes decisions regarding the actions and results of the company, approving or rejecting projects and business strategies.

The Board is informed of the management and performance of all the directors of the company, of the executive positions or with responsibility in economic, environmental and social matters, such as: General Manager, Executive Vice President of Institutional Relations, Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration, Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations, Vice President of Trade Expansion and Human Capital and Global President of Brands, who are accountable to the Chairman of the Board.

Through the reports developed for such purposes by the Business Management, the Board of Directors is informed about the management and performance of the organization. The report emphasizes critical aspects, achievements and potential challenges in economic, environmental and social matters, compared to its strategic objectives, as well as the possible risks and/or obstacles to achieve them.

The management of impacts, risks and opportunities of economic, environmental and social nature, considers possible business risks for the organization and they are shared with our Board of Directors for their knowledge and decision making.

Since 2013, the most relevant issues in economic, environmental and social aspects of the organization have been identified. They have been analyzed from the point of view of reputational risk, compliance, regulatory and operational risks; which has allowed the redefinition of our sustainability strategy and the strengthening of the actions of Genomma Lab Internacional in all its operations and throughout its value chain.

During the year 2016 there were no relevant concerns to report, since the Board of Directors limited themselves to analyzing the information submitted to them and to grant, where appropriate, the corresponding authorizations.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional