(G4-34, G4-37, G4-48)

The Board of Directors must be assisted by an Operating Committee, an Audit Committee and a Corporate Practices Committee, as set forth in our bylaws. Likewise, according to Genomma Lab Internacional’s corporate governance structure, the following committees are responsible for the analysis and suggestions to the Board of Directors for the decision-making on economic, environmental and social issues:

  • Operating Committee
  • Auditing Committee
  • Corporate Practices Committee
  • Committee on Mergers and Acquisitions

Note: During the year 2016, the committees presented changes in their structure, Arturo José Saval Pérez served as Chairman of the Committee on Mergers and Acquisitions; while the Presidency of the Corporate Practices Committee was chaired by Héctor Carrillo González. For his part, Jorge Ricardo Gutiérrez Muñoz participated as Chairman of the Audit Committee standing-in for Jose Luis Fernández Fernández.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional