Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is the body responsible for coordinating and ensuring compliance with the guidelines set forth in the Code of Conduct and Ethics of Genomma Lab Internacional.

Its mission is to promote, regulate and monitor proper compliance with the Code of Conduct and Ethics and the internal policies by all individuals related to the company, to boost the development of people fulfilling the Company’s mission.

The vision of the Committee is to be the body that regulates and promotes a healthy working environment in which the fundamental rights of all individuals linked with the Company are respected in the workplace through compliance with the Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Our Ethics Committee is currently made up of 5 Holders, 1 Secretary and Ombudsperson


  • Executive Vice-President of Finance and Administration
  • Corporate Legal Director
  • Internal Auditing Director
  • Patrimonial security
  • Human Capital Director

Social Responsibility Manager

  • Gerente de Responsabilidad Social


  • General Manager of the Research and Training Center for Development

The Committee’s objectives are:

  • Ensure the correct application of the Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Clarify any doubts or queries about the applicability of the Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Receive, handle and solve complaints of cases and situations that deviate from the desired behavior of the Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Inform Senior Management about the Ethics Committee’s activities and their results

In order to plan and carry out work sessions that enrich its functioning, the Ethics Committee meets periodically or when there is an urgent case to address.

4Figure with the capacity and independence necessary to meet confidential and impartial complaints concerning human rights of employees.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional