Corporate Ethics

(G4-56, G4-57, G4-58, G4-LA16, G4-SO3, G4-SO4, G4-SO5, G4-SO7, G4-SO8)

Based on ethical principles are the standards that direct our behavior and establish the guidelines of corporate and individual behavior of our stakeholders.

Through a Code of Conduct and Ethics, we institute a framework of behavior that defines the principles that lead to the integrity and good judgment of those who maintain a business or work relationship with Genomma Lab Internacional.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics establishes the regulatory framework that allows us to develop and maintain relationships of equality, honesty, trust, non-discrimination and mutual respect towards all those with whom we maintain a professional or commercial relationship.

We strengthen relationships based on honesty, trust and respect with all the people with whom we establish a bond and we convey the Code of Conduct and Ethics to our main stakeholders such as partners, suppliers, manufacturers, business partners and subsidiaries, throughout our labor or commercial relationship.

We convey our Code of Conduct and Ethics both internally with our collaborators in a personalized way, as well as to all our stakeholders in a public way through our website Responsible Communication Genomma Lab Internacional, which is our digital platform that operates as a reference to consult information of the Company about the topics related to the actions of Social Responsibility and Sustainability. There you can consult all our Sustainability Reports generated since 2011, the Code of Conduct and Ethics, the Policy that governs us on the subject of anti-corruption, our Diversity Policy, Environment Policy, among other topics.

The general ethical standards that govern our Code of Conduct and Ethics are:

  • Show loyal, diligent and respectful behavior
  • Recognize the dignity of people, their freedom and privacy
  • Operate the business in accordance with principles of equality and discrimination
  • Promote Human Rights, prohibit and report harassment and bullying
  • Comply with the laws, regulations and legal systems in the countries in which we operate
  • Comply with regulations regarding money laundering
  • Protect and preserve the tangible assets of the Company
  • Maintain confidentiality of information and documentation of the Company

The specific topics of the code are: Business Practices, Anti-Corruption, Conflict of Interest, Extraordinary Payments, Gifts and Entertainment Activities, Intellectual Property and Management of Insider Information.

Updating the Code of Ethics and Conduct

As every year, we conducted a review of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, carrying out certain modifications of the same with the aim of enriching it. These modifications were made known through training sessions for all the collaborators at International level. 100% of our human capital has voluntarily signed the Code of Conduct and Ethics and the Anti-Corruption Policy.

In order to continue the program of dissemination of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, an induction course on the subject is given to new collaborators and, on the other hand, we update the Code of Conduct and Ethics and the Anti-Corruption Policy in our website on Responsible Communication to make it of public knowledge.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional