Complaint line

In our constant quest to reaffirm the level of transparency and confidence of our Company, we extend the mechanisms of denunciation, guaranteeing the confidentiality and deepening the investigation of any anomaly that is presented.

To this end, this year we hired an outside company specialized in the management of the complaints’ line. Complaints about anomalous situations that occur in the workplace or that harm the Company’s assets are received via different means such as web page, telephone and email in all countries where we have operation.

The Ethics Committee is governed by the Procedure of attention to complaints about breaches of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, which aims to deal with complaints of the collaborators of Genomma Lab on breaches of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, through:

  • The establishment of means and ways to report non-compliances
  • The investigation of the facts relating to the possible non-compliance
  • Establishing the responsibility of those involved
  • The resolution of the complaint and determination of the corresponding sanction
  • The determination of preventive and corrective measures to prevent the recurrence of such acts

The procedure is governed by the protocol of Attention to Complaints, which aims to address the actions of non-compliance with the Code of Conduct and Ethics, as well as internal policies in order to ensure optimum working conditions.

Complaints are made through an external entity to Genomma Lab Internacional that acts neutrally in the analysis of the complaint, treating it confidential and providing prompt follow-up to each case, keeping the corporate guidelines of our Company.

During the year 2016, four complaints were reported, three of which were received by telephone and one via email. Of the total number of complaints received, one was submitted by a collaborator denouncing a possible small-scale pilferage, which is still in progress and the remaining three did not proceed due to lack of evidence.

For the dissemination of the complaint line, the General Management in conjunction with the Human Capital area and the Ethics Committee, coordinated the implementation of the dissemination and communication program of the new complaint mechanism and reinforced the message in all the group’s operations at global level.

The General Management together with the Social Responsibility area launched a communication video to spread and transmit the corporate message about the line. The Ethics Committee conducted joint workshops to communicate the mechanism and use of the line.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional