Anti-corruption measures and protection of Human Rights

(G4-HR1, G4-HR3, G4-HR7, G4-SO6 y G4-SO11)

For the tenth consecutive year, Genomma Lab reconfirms its adherence to the Global Compact by reaffirming its commitment to support the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS, for its acronym in Spanish ), dealing with issues related to Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and the fight against corruption.

Genomma Lab Internacional is one of the companies that supports the Global Compact’s “Call to Action: Anti-corruption” Initiative. With this action, Genomma Lab reaffirms its commitment to prevent and/or avoid the practice of acts of corruption and influence peddling by employees and/or third parties related to the company strengthening its transparency.

Through the Code of Conduct and Ethics of Genomma Lab Internacional, we reject any practice of corruption inside and outside the company. The scope of our obligations includes to prevent acts of corruption and influence peddling, and our employees must commit not to solicit or accept any stimulus from a third party that compromises their work performance. Disapproved practices can constitute a crime and will be sanctioned by the authorities as appropriate.

Any offer, act of corruption or influence peddling that might exit related to Genomma Lab Internacional, must be denounced through the authorized means in the external line of denunciation. In the year 2016, Genomma Lab Internacional was invited to an exclusive encounter with the pioneers of the Global Compact, who are working hard in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda regarding the Objectives of Sustainable Development. At the meeting the first document was developed with prospects of companies towards the implementation of these objectives. Genomma Lab Internacional, played an important role in the working table on the objectives of health and well-being. The report derived from this work was published in October of this year at the UN offices in Mexico.

In addition, the Global Compact Network in Mexico hosted 15 local networks, including Genomma Lab Internacional, at the Regional Meeting of Local Networks of America, which aims to generate regional and global partnerships for the best implementation results of the 2030 Agenda. This Regional Meeting was attended by Lise Kingo, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact and Javier Cortés, Director of Local Networks of Latin America, Caribbean and North America, where they highlighted the work of the companies that make up the Global Compact Network in Mexico.


Reporte de Sustentabilidad 2016 de Genomma Lab Internacional