Responsibility for Our Products

Knowledge and satisfaction of our consumers

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The world is changing rapidly, the industry in which we move is constantly evolving and with it the consumers and the shopper. This speed impels us to evolve as quickly without losing sight of the search and understanding of the real reasons for consumption.

Consumers expect to have greater interaction with our brands and that is why our expectation is to build engagement (relations increasingly close and strong), where the satisfaction and loyalty are the axes by which they recommend our brands and are proud to use them

During 2015 the evolution of Genomma Lab Internacional in this context was characterized not only by answering research questions, but by transforming this research into insights that lead us to potentiate the building of brands with their own personalities and dynamics that humanize them and makes the consumer fall in love with them, positioning them as unique in their mind.

The challenge is attracting consumers toward our brands through their senses, desires and feelings transforming them into emotional relationships and keeping them alive for the building of lovebrands that result in high levels of loyalty.

Other key challenges we are reinforcing are: understanding the Shopper (real buyers) and the environment of the Retailer, who with the passage of time takes greater protagonism and represents an opportunity not only in sales, but also in the building of the positioning to which we want to bring our brands, in this context our goal is: “Conquer the shopper as well as the consumer”

In advertising themes and having challenge of maximizing the ROI, we added to our portfolio, methodologies for advertising evaluation with efficient times and budgets to evaluate strategies before launching them to PREDICT and OPTIMIZE their performance, generating efficient and memorable campaigns with which consumers feel identified.

It is important to mention that we also strengthen our digitization path, we are conducting online research, which today is one of the most advanced options through digital panels, which have become a reliable and key source of information about the market and consumers. This advanced technology allows us to perform not only local studies, but also in the main countries in which Genomma Lab has presence, with advantages in time and costs.